Applying  for a State Job with PLD:


  1. If you already know the name of the position that is available, go to the Civil Service website –
  1. On the left click on “Job Seekers”
  1. Scroll down to “How to Apply”, click on “here” 
  1. Step 1 click on “Applications”, print and complete application(SF-10)
  2. Continue with remainder of the steps on that same page to find more information on the position, such as job description, pay scale and testing information.
  3. Should this position require a “test” it will be indicated on that position line under“Testing”.  If a test is required, you can take the test as often as you like and keep the highest score (and that’s what you want).
  4. If testing is required please submit test scores with your completed application.
  5. Good luck!